Our Three Pillars

Arya Publications was founded in the 1950s by the late Mr. S.P. Gupta. Under the leadership of Dr. Vipin Gupta, Managing Director, and his sons, Mr. Arnav Gupta and Mr. Rohan Gupta, Arya Publications has grown into one of India's leading educational publishers. The company is known for its high-quality textbooks, supplementary materials, and reference works. Arya Publications is committed to providing students with the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

A Legacy That Continues To Grow









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Arya Publications, with a rich legacy of 75 years, is a leading publishing company dedicated to meeting diverse learning needs. By blending traditional roots with modern methodologies, we empower education through transformative resources. Our strong foundation ensures teachers and students are supported, with top-notch authors and an exceptional editorial team. Understanding India's educational landscape, they provide trusted materials for teachers and comprehensive content for students. Arya Publications strives to adapt to evolving educational trends, remaining a reliable partner in education. With a wide range of publications, they foster holistic learning, ignite curiosity, and shape the future of education.


As a creative, entrepreneurial, and independent publisher, our mission is to provide the educational community with a diverse series of books that offer relevant and timely information. We offer relevant and timely information that engages readers with intelligence and ingenuity. We are committed to empowering educators, students, and lifelong learners through thought-provoking content that fosters critical thinking and deep understanding. As an independent publisher, we prioritize the educational needs of our audience by delivering materials that make a difference.

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Our unwavering vision is to make knowledge accessible and reusable, empowering individuals to unlock their potential. With a legacy of professionalism and excellence, we follow a meticulous publishing process, adapting it to each book's unique requirements. Quality is our unwavering priority, ensuring exceptional content that meets the highest standards. Driven by a passion for education, we inspire a love for learning and enable academic success. Join us on this visionary journey as we break down barriers and pave the way for a future where knowledge knows no bounds.